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Vintage truck rally & truck show

Vintage car rally, Silkeborg

Dansk Tanktransport A/S has for a number of years been the owner of a vintage truck. Namely, a less common model "1600 DD" with the possibility of traction on both axles.

In connection with the annual veteran truck rally in Silkeborg, Dansk Tanktransport chose to participate d. June 13.

Before departure from Silkeborg, all the cars (approx. 110 pcs.) lined up for parade. Afterwards, all the spectators could walk around and admire all the beautiful cars.

The old DAF, year 1964, attracted a lot of attention as it is not an ordinary truck.

Along the route, which went via Bording, Hestlund, Ikast, Brunkulslejren, Isenvad and Hjøllund, the drivers were encouraged to stop several times so that the car could be immortalized by all the photographers positioned along the way.

Unfortunately, there were technical problems at the last post in Hjøllund, and therefore the car returned to the garage after completing the task at the post.

These teething problems did not put us off. It was immediately decided that we will participate again in 2010 to complete the rally.


Truck show, Herning

The success from Silkeborg had given blood on the tooth. We therefore decided that we would also show the flag at the Truck Show in Herning on Saturday and Sunday d. 20. & June 21.

The old DAF 1600 DD was on display together with 2 of our brand new tankers.

Again, the "old" one was the big draw. People crowded around, taking pictures and asking interested questions about the old DAF. Among the visitors was a former employee who had helped restore the truck.

We will continue to be present at various events in the future. relevant truck shows.


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