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Trained as a Dantra driver

Dantra A/S has just trained its first skilled driver in recent times, Carsten Brun Iversen, 25 years old. On April 4, 2018, the proud driver received his driver's license after successfully completing his apprenticeship. He is the first of many future tanker drivers to be trained at Dantra to address the shortage of drivers. Another trainee is currently in training, and Dantra will continue to have trainees in driver training on an ongoing basis, says Logistics Director Marc Jeel.

In general, we do this in recognition of the fact that it is difficult to find people with the right skills. We need people of a very special fabric. Making mistakes when delivering chemicals and other liquid products with a large tanker truck can have major consequences. We don't necessarily go for young students with a 10.5 average, in fact we have several dyslexic drivers. But you need to have the right head and hands, be able to keep a cool head, be service-minded and be able to talk to all sorts of people. You are the company's representative when you are out and about with customers.

- Marc Jeel

Training to become a driver takes three and a half years if you do not already have any courses or other suitable training. You get an apprentice's salary from day one, and during the training you get a full driving license for both front and trailer. After graduation, you can count on a good and stable salary, good earning potential, good job security, good opportunities to progress to Masterdriver and then to Driver Supervisor with office hours and salaried status if you have a flair for IT and systems.

It is therefore surprising that so few people are interested in the industry, but we believe it is due to ignorance of the profession, so we do a lot of visits to different schools to talk about it

- Marc Jeel

Dantra is always happy to receive inquiries from young people who want to learn more about the possibilities of training as a skilled driver


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As a freight forwarder trainee, I have been allowed to work very independently and with great responsibility from the very beginning of my traineeship.

My experienced colleagues provide me with good training and lots of support.

I find the job as a freight forwarding trainee both varied and exciting, as no two days are the same. You will also quickly see the results of your work.

I am challenged daily by customers to find the most optimal transport solutions for them. I find that exciting.

In addition to the many coordinating tasks, you will also learn a lot about the rules to be respected in different countries and become proficient in geography.

Camilla, former freight forwarding trainee