News / Significant upgrade: Central Jutland haulier invests in 20 new trucks

Significant upgrade: Central Jutland haulier invests in 20 new trucks

Dantra in Hampen is taking home 30 new tanks and 20 new trucks in an upgrade that will ensure that they are among the top three in Scandinavia.

Written by: Stig Dahlgren Atzen - Journalist


TRANSPORT Things are going well for Dantra in Hampen. The company operates tankers carrying, among other things, fuel, acids and other chemical materials that require particularly safe transportation.

The company has grown over the past seven years, according to director and owner Kenneth Jensen. As a result, Dantra is now significantly upgrading its fleet of both tanks and trucks.

As many as 20 new trucks and 30 new tankers will be delivered in batches during 2022.

The big players may shrug their shoulders at our investment. But it is big for us. It is.

- Kenneth Jensen

The family business, which he is the fourth generation to drive, already owns around 130 trucks and 180 tankers. In addition to Denmark, Dantra also has branches in Sweden and Lithuania and employs around 250 people.

Although Dantra has grown enormously since Kenneth Jensen's grandparents ran the company, growth is not what it's all about for him. He 'would rather be the best than the biggest'.

My father always said that it only takes 10 minutes to tear down something that took 100 years to build.

- Kenneth Jensen

Strong suppliers

Not just anyone can pick up new wagons and tanks at the moment.

There is a strong demand for both trucks and tanks in the industry due to the general buoyancy of the transport sector.

Nevertheless, Kenneth Jensen and Dantra have succeeded in expanding significantly. The tanks are also special in the sense that they must be able to carry acids and bases, for example.

If we don't have proper equipment, we are not allowed to load at our customers' premises. The equipment must be in good condition. It also means that if a customer needs more help, we have the equipment.

- Kenneth Jensen

The secret to being able to get the wagons Dantra needs, according to the director, lies in the fact that the Hjøllund company, with 100 years of history, has great credibility.

Our relationship with our suppliers goes back a long way. It matters in times of pressure.

- Kenneth Jensen

Quality over price

In addition to the fact that world trade has been running smoothly during the corona pandemic, there has also been a change in what customers demand. In the wake of the financial crisis, it was all about being the cheapest, but during corona, according to Kenneth Jensen, it proved more worthwhile to be reliable and quality-oriented, even if it is a little more expensive.

In the years after the financial crisis, it was very much price that people were looking for. But now, during the corona pandemic, the cheap solution may have failed to deliver.

- Kenneth Jensen

This means that demand is more than ever moving in the direction that Kenneth Jensen says characterizes Dantra.

It is very important to us that we deliver good quality. We would rather be the best than the biggest or anything else.

- Kenneth Jensen

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