News / Reliability and quality are key to success for transport companies

Reliability and quality are key to success for transport companies

High performance and high delivery reliability provide solid growth for the family business Dantra Group, which has just closed a major deal to purchase 30 new purpose-built tanks and 20 new trucks.

In 2020, the tank transporter Dantra Group turned a sharp corner and celebrated its 100th anniversary as one of the strongest players in its field in Scandinavia. The specialty tanker has continued to grow, and one year after the anniversary, the fleet has expanded significantly and the order book has grown by 10 percent.

In addition to a steady stream of more and larger orders from Dantra's regular customer portfolio, new customers have also become aware of the Hjøllund-based company's many years of experience with special tank transports.

In the years following the financial crisis, demand in the transport industry was often driven by who could deliver the lowest price. Since COVID-19, however, there has been a much greater focus on quality through specialized knowledge, high performance and security of supply.

We want to be the professional and secure logistics partner that the customer can always count on, and the growth in turnover shows that our efforts to ensure high quality and service are paying off, which we are of course very pleased with.

- Kenneth Jensen

The fleet is growing

As the demand for specialized transport of technical and chemical products has increased, so has the need for new equipment.

Recently, Dantra has therefore purchased 30 new Parcisa custom-built tanks and 20 new Scania and Volvo trucks for the fleet, bringing the total capacity to 180 custom-built tanks and 130 trucks.

With the new equipment in place, we can now and in the future take our delivery reliability and performance to an even higher level, which is so important for our customers in these times, and offer our drivers some of the best and most comfortable and environmentally conscious trucks on the market.

- Kenneth Jensen

Recruitment and training

Currently, around 250 employees work at the headquarters in Hjøllund and the company's other sites in Køge and Padborg, as well as in Sweden and Lithuania. However, more skilled employees are needed to carry out the many new tasks that continue to arrive, and recruitment of administrative staff, professionals and drivers is therefore constantly underway, which, in addition to new recruitment, also involves further training and development of staff through a strengthened Masterdriver and trainee program.

At the same time, the existing driver facilities have been upgraded and improved, and we have a strong focus on creating a high level of comfort in the trucks. Overall, it is about quality for all.

Dantra is a family business and we are always focused on creating the best results in the best environment for everyone throughout the process. Not only to our customers, but also to our employees. We are an attractive place to work and are successful because the Dantra family is behind everyone and we have a good and fun time together.

- Kenneth Jensen

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As a freight forwarder trainee, I have been allowed to work very independently and with great responsibility from the very beginning of my traineeship.

My experienced colleagues provide me with good training and lots of support.

I find the job as a freight forwarding trainee both varied and exciting, as no two days are the same. You will also quickly see the results of your work.

I am challenged daily by customers to find the most optimal transport solutions for them. I find that exciting.

In addition to the many coordinating tasks, you will also learn a lot about the rules to be respected in different countries and become proficient in geography.

Camilla, former freight forwarding trainee