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Dantra’s 100 years in words and pictures

100 years hold many stories, stories from high and low, good and bad, in words and pictures.

It started many, many months ago with interviews and stories, collecting pictures of old as new, copies of articles and timelines and dates. At the anniversary last weekend, we saw the result of all that hard work and gained insight into Dantra's 100-year history.


Lise Thinggaard Larsen, from brand-ART, unveiled a nearly 2 x 2 meter bespoke artwork served in a mix of colors, photos, graphics and decopage, containing Dantra's DNA and core values. The artwork now hangs in Dantra's reception, where we rejoice in it every day.


Dantra's beautiful anniversary book "100 years on the road, the story of Dantra in Hjøllund" was presented by author John Aagaard from the Rasmussen and Aagaard publishing house. A well-written and interesting book with honest stories from all 4 generations of the Jensen family, about their influence on the company and its development.


Everyday life is back in Hjøllund and our proud anniversary celebrations in 2020 will be included as a new section in Dantra's history.

We wish you all a good day, take care out there.


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