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Dantra turns 100 years old

The family-run tank transporter Dantra A/S will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020. Strong values and professionalism will ensure 100 more years at the forefront.

In August 2020, the tank transporter Dantra A/S celebrates its 100th anniversary. Today, the company is run by the fourth generation of the Jensen family, which, based in Hjøllund, has developed into one of Scandinavia's leaders in specialized tank transport.

For Kenneth Jensen, it is also his tenth anniversary as CEO, having taken over from his father in 2010.

I am very proud to lead Dantra, which has had a huge impact on my family for a century. And I'm very much looking forward to celebrating this later this year, with an anniversary reception for our customers, suppliers, partners and friends of the house on one day - and a big party for all our fantastic employees and their families on the other.

- Kenneth Jensen

Family values at the heart

The fact that Dantra is still run by the Jensen family is no coincidence. Kenneth Jensen himself emphasizes the family values that are crucial to how the company is run:

At Dantra, we value safety, trust and security above all else. Not only to our customers, but also to our employees. Just as training comes naturally to us, so do social events and supporting local initiatives.

We have been able to operate for so long because we are a serious and professional workplace, but also because the family is behind everyone and we have a good time and fun with each other. This has made us an attractive workplace that retains its talented employees.

- Kenneth Jensen

Kenneth Jensen also highlights the company's masterdriver concept, where former professional and experienced drivers take on administrative roles to maintain a high level of delivery performance and quality, as an important factor in the company's success in the industry.


Specialization secures the future

Since Dantra's last anniversary in 2010, the management has followed the demand in the industry, cut out the transport of foodstuffs and instead chosen to specialize the business in the transport of primarily technical and chemical products. In addition, a triple-digit million euro investment has been made in the vehicle fleet and new equipment.

We must never stand still. If you don't develop, you wind down. And we will always aim to evolve and move with the times and our customers, by being innovative and flexible, but without compromising our values of quality and professionalism.

What we do or have in mind for the future, time will tell - but if we keep our values, we also believe that we will continue to be an attractive workplace and business partner for our customers for the next 50 and 100 years.

- Kenneth Jensen


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