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Dantra Group gets a new CEO

For the first time in more than 100 years, the surname of tank transporter Dantra’s CEO is no longer Jensen. With the resignation of Kenneth Jensen, the now former COO Marc Ahrenfeldt Jeel is promoted to CEO.

Marc Ahrenfeldt Jeel (right) is now the new managing director of the transport company Dantra in Hjøllund. Kenneth Jensen (left). Chief Financial Officer Lone Kjær, in the middle, remains a member of the management team.


After 102 years and four generations of the Jensen family at the helm of specialty tanker transporter Dantra Group, the Hjøllundgen-based company will for the first time have a CEO from outside the family. This will happen when former COO Marc Ahrenfeldt Jeel takes over the CEO role from Kenneth Jensen, who has decided to step down.


However, Kenneth Jensen will still be affiliated with Dantra Group in a minor role as a haulier and handle some tasks, including the purchase and sale of equipment, and he will also join the company's professional board of directors after the transfer. There will be no change in the ownership of the Dantra Group.


The transfer will start on October 1, 2022, and will take place gradually over the next 3-6 months.


From threesome to duo

Kenneth Jensen and Marc Ahrenfeldt Jeel have worked closely together for many years in Dantra Group, and in recent years they have been part of a managerial threesome, which also includes CFO, Lone Kjær. While Kenneth Jensen has primarily worked with the company's strategy and overall management, focused on major customers and acted as the company's public face, Marc Ahrenfeldt Jeel and Lone Kjær have been the primary driving forces in operations. So while there will be a new name on the CEO door, the workflow of Dantra's executive board will not change significantly.


Marc Ahrenfeldt Jeel's path to the top of the ladder has been underway for some time and is, according to Kenneth Jensen, a natural next step for Marc's soon-to-be 12-year career in the Dantra Group.

Marc and Lone have effectively run the company in close cooperation for several years, and even though they do not share the same surname as me, I am completely comfortable entrusting the management and continued development of Dantra Group to them. In addition to being very talented, they both think like family and understand what that means for both the company and for me,

- Kenneth Jensen

Growth, but with family values in mind

The move comes at Kenneth Jensen's own request and with a view to the company's continued growth.

I have been involved in all decisions in the company in the past, but it is now time for me to step back and devote myself to board work and other things in my life that I haven't had time for in many years. At the same time, we have developed a long-standing strategy for Dantra Group, where I feel it makes the best sense for Marc and Lone alone to run Dantra going forward, and continue our development and growth, without me having to be involved in everything and end up as the bottleneck,

- Kenneth Jensen

Marc Ahrenfeldt Jeel has during his many years in the Dantra Group been both head of transport and logistic director before becoming COO, and he is now ready to get the biggest title on his CV so far.

It is a huge pat on the back and an unparalleled vote of confidence that I will now be CEO of the company that has been such an important part of my working life for so many years. It is with great honor and gratitude that I approach this task. I look forward to continuing the strong family values we are known for in Dantra and, not least, to continue the positive development of the Dantra Group.

- Marc Ahrenfeldt Jeel

Lone Kjær joined Dantra as CFO in 2017 and has been part of the management of Dantra Group ever since. She also highlights the company's family values as crucial to the duo's way of doing business.

I look forward to continuing to be part of the growth journey that Dantra Group is on and to working towards Dantra's goals. I am sure that the values that the Jensen family stands for, and which I wholeheartedly support, are crucial for the journey ahead. We have skilled and competent staff and a good workplace where we treat each other with mutual respect and fairness. This is how it has always been in Dantra and how it should continue to be.

- Lone Kjær

Kenneth Jensen can be contacted on tel. number: 87 98 33 33 33


Dantra Group, with its 130 road trains, is one of Scandinavia's leading providers of tank logistics for chemicals and technical products. The group, founded in 1920, consists of the transport companies Dantra A/S (Denmark), Dantra AB (Sweden) and DT Transport Baltic UAB (Lithuania). Dantra Group employs a total of approximately 250 employees and has its head office in Hjøllund, as well as branches in Padborg and Køge.


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