News / Dantra expands its fleet with 11 new DAF trucks

Dantra expands its fleet with 11 new DAF trucks

DAF has just delivered five more XF Euro 6 trucks to Dantra – the first in a series of 11, two of which will replace existing vehicles, while the remaining nine will go towards a net expansion of the group’s vehicle fleet at home and abroad.

DAF expects the driveline, axles and engine of the vehicles to cover 1.6 million km, which covers our needs.

- Kenneth Jensen, President and CEO Dantra A/S.

This is the 460 hp XF Euro 6 Space Cab model, which, as well as being environmentally friendly, offers a number of ground-breaking new features. The cars come in Dantra's instantly recognizable red color and with a long list of optional extras that particularly contribute to increased safety - including red seat belts, airbags, hands-free phone installations, alcohol locks, front cameras, full ADR, DAF Night Lock, 12-speed automatic transmissions and a speed limit of 85 km/h.

Since 1971, Dantra has been using DAF, which has long been the main vehicle brand in the fleet. The group was also the first in Scandinavia to register a DAF XF Euro 6, and now the first order is being followed up with a new and larger one.

After test-driving the XF Euro 6 for a year, we decided to expand the fleet as we needed more cars. The choice fell on several DAF XFs because the model scores highly on price, economy and quality.

- Kenneth Jensen

The vehicles are designed for tanker transport and are built at Truckcenter A/S in Hjøllund. They will be maintained through service contracts by Truckcenter's branches in Hjøllund, Padborg and Malmö. The tires are supplied by Michelin.


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