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Danish premiere of ground-breaking washing plant

After more than 70,000 washes and 14 years of faithful service, Dantra A/S in Hjøllund has decided to replace its washing system, which not only services the transport company’s own vehicles, but also external trucks, trailers, buses and vans.

The new system is the HeavyWash type from Spain's Istobal, Europe's second largest manufacturer of washing systems. The importer highlights that the system is the first of its kind in Denmark - and at a competitive price, it offers market-leading technology that ultimately ensures more efficient washing.

Istobal has so far only offered car wash systems for passenger cars in Denmark. HeavyWash is groundbreaking because the software makes it easy to tailor programs to individual vehicles, and because of a range of features that streamline the washing process. For example, there are also high-pressure nozzles at the top, which ensure that the front, roof and rear of the vehicle are washed more effectively. At the same time, the nozzles are movable so that all parts of the vehicle can be optimally cleaned. This is particularly advantageous on silo and tanker trucks.

- H.P. Hau, owner of HAUTEK Wash & Water System

Major environmental benefits

Simultaneously with the installation of the new washing plant, HAUTEK has updated and renovated Dantra's system for recycling wastewater from the wash bay. Overall, this leads to a significant reduction in water and electricity consumption.

The high-pressure cleaning process uses purified recycled water and then rinses with perfectly clean water for a perfect result. Today, 75 to 85 percent of water is recycled. In addition, the new washing plant is more energy efficient than the old one, and the washers will have a better working environment with fewer manual processes.

- H.P. Hau

Spotlessly clean vehicles

According to Kenneth Jensen, Managing Director of Dantra A/S, the Istobal HeavyWash was chosen because it combines performance, efficiency, quality and sustainability - all of which add up to higher wash quality.

We know that our wash customers attach great importance to spotlessly clean vehicles, whether they are buses, trucks or tankers and silos. Our experienced team of cleaners, together with the new facility, ensure high quality and efficiency of cleaning by combining mechanical and manual processes.

- Kenneth Jensen

Half price in December and January

Kenneth Jensen says that to celebrate the commissioning of the new facility, Dantra is offering half price on all car washes throughout December and January. - This Christmas present applies to both old and new customers," he concludes.


Dantra is one of the leading tank logistics providers in Northern Europe with more than 110 road trains. The group, founded in 1920, consists of the transport companies Dantra A/S (Denmark), Dantra AB (Sweden), Dantra GmbH (Germany) and DT Transport Baltic UAB (Lithuania). Dantra employs a total of approximately 150 employees and is headquartered in Hjøllund, Denmark.


HAUTEK Wash & Water System advises on, sells, installs and services washing technology solutions for heavy vehicles. Its clientele includes truck and bus suppliers, car washes, bus companies, wagon and freight operators and train companies.


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