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Breathalysers increase road safety

More and more transport companies are taking action against drink-driving by installing alcolocks in their trucks.

Recently, a 50-year-old Czech truck driver was stopped with a blood alcohol level of 2.3. Such incidents reignite the debate on alcohol consumption by truck drivers during working hours. Should they just stick to the normal 0.5 alcohol limit or should they not drink and drive at all? Here, the Smart Start alcolock can tell if the driver has had too much to drink to get behind the wheel - regardless of whether the alcohol limit allowed by the haulier is 0.5 or 0.0.

Before driving, drivers must blow into an alcolock, which works like the police's. If the blood alcohol level is too high, the truck cannot be started.

The test takes about 15 seconds to complete and can be documented with both SMS messages and a camera solution. The camera takes a picture to make sure that the driver behind the wheel is the same as the one taking the breathalyzer test. At the same time, the haulier is notified by e-mail. SMS if one of his drivers tries to drive with too much alcohol in his blood.

- Jan Winum Poulsen, Jawin

Safe Trip ApS, the Danish importer of Smart Start. The camera and SMS function are both optional extras in the standard package.


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Transport companies across the country are using the technology, which originated in the United States. It has been known here for 20 years. Dantra A/S, one of the leading Northern European providers of tank transportation of, among other things, dangerous goods, has invested heavily in quality assurance and safety at all stages of the value chain. Thus, the idea of alcolocks has also been embraced and the system was initially introduced in the cars driving for Statoil - which was also a prerequisite for obtaining the five-year distribution contract in Denmark and Sweden that Dantra signed with Statoil last year.

The alcolock works on the same principle as police breathalyzers. Operation takes just 15 seconds. If the blood alcohol level is above 0.0, the car will not start.

Dantra quickly saw the benefits of the alcolock and is now working to have it installed in all cars.

When transporting food, fuel or chemical products, a mistake or accident can have incalculable consequences. This can cost millions and put businesses out of business. Therefore, Smart Start is a good investment in preventing accidents. There is also a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol during working hours. We do not allow a blood alcohol level higher than 0.0.

- Kenneth Jensen, Managing Director of Dantra

One in four road fatalities is killed in a drink-driving accident, so there are good reasons to prevent drink-driving. Because trucks - especially those carrying dangerous loads - can cause significant damage, Kenneth Jensen believes that more attention should be paid to road safety in the transport sector. - It is both about saving human lives and preventing accidents that can have serious environmental and economic consequences.

With the Smart Start alcolock, we are sure to avoid drunk driving accidents.

- Kenneth Jensen

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