News / 11 Danish drivers honored with IRU Honorary Diploma

11 Danish drivers honored with IRU Honorary Diploma

Dantra A/S is at the top of the list with no less than 4 honored drivers.

Quality stamp for drivers

Everybody knows it. It's nice to be recognized, and they know this especially at Dantra A/S. That's why this spring the company nominated four of its experienced and skilled drivers for the IRU International Diploma of Honor. IRU is the International Road Transport Union.

The IRU Honorary Diploma is awarded every year to loyal and stable drivers who have driven over one million kilometers without being involved in a serious road accident. Nominations for the award are made by the drivers' own hauliers, and self-driving hauliers can also be awarded the prize, which consists of an honorary diploma and an IRU gold pin

Recognition is important, which is why I was so happy when I was told that we have four drivers who will each receive the award.

- Marc Jeel

The redemption came this weekend at Dantra's drivers' meeting, where the four drivers were presented with their honorary diplomas. Everyone agrees that it is a good recognition and a sign of close connection between driver and workplace.

It is a place of great influence and participation. Such an honorary diploma shows that you are a reliable employee and I would like to stay here until retirement.

- René Enok, Dantra driver

Honoured drivers are role models

The management is happy with the four drivers. Among customers and colleagues, they are well-liked and respected. Drivers are good role models and they are good at training new drivers with less experience behind the wheel and fewer kilometers on their CV.

They are well-liked and recognized and a good role model. We listen to them. They have a good experience that we can learn from, and when we have very demanding tasks, we send out the experienced rats.

- Marc Jeel

Dantra A/S is the top scorer

In Denmark, 11 drivers have received the award this year. Four of the honored drivers work at Dantra A/S, making the company the national top scorer with the most rewarded drivers.

Internationally, in 2012, 1,041 drivers from 25 countries received the IRU Honorary Diploma. The breakdown shows that Eastern Europe has many skilled drivers. Some of the top scoring countries are Russia with 89 drivers, Turkey with 82 and Poland with 55.

The four IRU-honored drivers at Dantra A/S are:

Aage Klejstrup, Dantra A/S
Niels Rasmussen, Dantra A/S
Rene Karsten Hjorth Enok, Dantra A/S
Teddy Rosenberg, Dantra A/S


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